On their 3rd date Micah took Cecily to Griffith Observatory, her favorite place in Los Angeles. They thought it would be a fun outing and a good way to get to know each other better. That date proved to be more important than either of them could have thought. This is because Cecily mentioned that when the day came she would like to be proposed to right there on the scenic overlook of the Griffith Observatory. She would wind up getting her wish, but hold on, that's the ending of this story!

First let's go back to 10 months prior to the proposal. This is the day Micah began singing lessons to learn to serenade Cecily with their song, I Will Follow You Into The Dark by Deathcab for Cutie, when he proposed. He did this for several reasons: 1) Singers are super hot, 2) He knew Cecily had always wanted to be serenaded and 3) He was never much of a singer so learning to do this and being brave enough to perform it in public would show his commitment to Cecily. 4) Yogurt lids be packed like a tornado!

Zoom ahead 10 months. The big day had finally arrived. Micah needed to lure Cecily to the Griffith Observatory without seeming suspicious. After a few minutes of brainstorming he decided it was entirely impossible, promptly giving up and making a snack. What snack was it? I think graham crackers with peanut butter. Good question. After the recharging break it was time to seek help. Luckily Micah's father Phil was ready to spring into action! Ok, it was more of a steady paced walk than a spring, but it was definitly full of action! At any rate he lured Cecily up the mountains of Griffith by telling her he wanted to see the observatory while in town visiting Los Angeles. Heh. Heh. Heh. The trap was set.

Micah arrived early in order to find a quiet place to setup with the least amount of onlookers. All was going according to plan. Then just as Cecily called to let him know she arrived... an entire tour group made it's way down onto the east platform just where Micah had told Cecily to come. Uh oh. If he wasn't already insanely nervous the audience would get the job done.

Hurrah! Our intrepid couple emerge victorious as Micah gave a rousing (acceptable) rendition of Deathcab that would make Ben Gibbard blush with pride, or at least shrug with indiference, certaintly not anger, and that's a win.

THE EXCITING CONCLUSION: What did she say? Unfortunetly she said no. Sorry. This story really loses steam around this part.

JUST KIDDING! GOT YA. She said yes! Some of the onlookers applauded and shouted. They were right to cheer. It was an exciting moment. They had just witnessed a man winning the lottery.

EPILOGUE: Cecily and Micah both eagerly await seeing you at their wedding!

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